Zelená planeta s.r.o.

Jsme společnost poskytující služby v oblasti IT, elektronických komunikací, internetových služeb, tvoříme webové stránky, spravujeme PPC kampaně a sociální sítě.

About us

Our company was founded in 2011 and its primary goal is to provide services with a view to a friendly approach to nature. We perceive nature as the main building element in our operation. That is why we choose our suppliers strictly in accordance with our philosophy and we want to continue to spread our idea.

We currently provide electronic communications services, Internet services, web sites and mobile applications, we manage graphic design, marketing and promotional activities focusing on the Internet and social networks. All of our data elements drive green energy and save the environment with its low consumption.

If you use our services, you make the first step in the green direction and we will be happy to listen to you if you have ideas and comments on improving access to environmental protection.